The colourful and light-looking collection IMAGO has its basis in the cocoons of the Mulberry Moth, which are elaborately processed, painted, and transformed into new forms by Ela Nord.

The pupa is an intermediate stage between caterpillar and butterfly and stands as a metaphor for inner processes of becoming and unfolding. For the contradiction between what is - and at the same time is not.

Behind the lightweight (literally floating), yet incredibly stable feather-light cocoon colliers, represents an idea of resistance. The nature of the cocoon, with its unparalleled stability of form, can also be a symbol of resilience, which we all need. The piercing with points through the armored cocoons emerged as an idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. From which, this series has come to represent symbolic violations by external threats, emphasizing our need to designate protective mechanisms against attacks on our habitat.

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