Fake Forest

In the "fake forest" series, Ela Nord focuses less on the moment of forgery and more on that of imitation. This is reflected in the materials used, which are not organic. They are tubes that are exposed to more heat than intended: melting, contracting, burning. This process creates new textures and surfaces that seek to replicate natural raw materials, such as leather, charcoal, bone or wood. 

The "fake forest" pieces from the TUBES series (since 2020) shown in the V&V gallery recreate various woods such as bamboo, birch, ebony or milk orange tree. Creating a different material from an ordinary everyday material (even if this is only apparent) is understood by the artist as a positive process: by transforming something into a different state, results are created that remind us of the profound process of renewal and remodelling.

On view until Nov 25, 2023
V&V Gallery, Vienna

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