Georg Petermichl & Ela Nord

Schlüsselringe, 2020

Georg Petermichl is so far the only artist who approached the collaboration with an existing idea instead of choosing a specific material. Years ago, he had the idea to make himself a "keyring" as a piece of jewellery, so he handed over his studio key, from which the jewellery artist made a 3D scan. Together, they lengthened the key-beard to get the specific shape Petermichl wanted.
The concept was to use additional colour as keys are often color-coded, for practical purposes, to keep apart more easily. A wide variety of colour combinations are possible, which can also be put together on request by the wearer, making the keyring a very personal piece.

”Key rings”
Gold 750, cold enamel / Silver 925, cold enamel / Bronze, cold enamel / Aluminium, cold enamel, 2020
Edition: Gold 6 + 2 AP, Silber 12 + 4 AP, Bronze 12 + 4 AP, Aluminium unlimitiert

About Georg Petermichl's "key", 2020

... The idea that objects accrue value over time is playfully questioned in two large-scale neon sculptures, key (2017) and key (2020). Visitors familiar with the Viennese art scene might recognize the first of these works from the entrance to New Jörg, where it’s been hanging since Petermichl did a show there three years ago. Brought in from the cold, the neon key—copied from the set to the artist’s studio at that time—now shows clear signs of age. In comparison, the second of these works, its form taken from the key to Wonnerth Dejaco, has been newly produced for the exhibition. As with the artist’s previous key works, these replicas reflect moments that the artist felt were important to his career or artistic practice..."
(Excerpt from a text by Chloe Stead)

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