Sonia Leimer & Ela Nord

FAT LAVA, 2020

Made especially for their collaboration, Sonia Leimer brought the jewellery artist some ceramic pieces much smaller in size, compared the larger-sized ceramic pieces that she usually produces. Since she didn't want to drill holes into them, the jewellery artist developed a cover made of silver to fix and hold ceramic elements. The results are archaic-looking amulets attached to heavy leather straps that appear as relics from a past-distant culture.

Glazed ceramic, silver 925, leather, steel buckle, 2020
Edition: each pieces is unique, S 12 + 6 AP , L 12 + 6 AP,  XL 12 + 6 AP

FAT LAVA Kacheln (2020)

The black surface of the wall piece FAT LAVA was achieved using “fat lava” glazing, a style originally developed in response to the (former) West German craze for space-age design in the post-war period. The mostly dark, encrusted formations and swollen glazes recall the lava and crater-like surfaces of distant planets. This style thus reflected the utopian desire for an era of economic progress and prosperity. Leimer’s works Spardose are likewise rendered with fat lava glazes and resemble the floor vases popular in the 1950s and 60s. Here, however, thin slits subtly shift their meaning, transforming the objects into money boxes to be filled with coins. By repurposing these vessels, Leimer provides a tongue-in-cheek commentary from today’s perspective on an era whose infallible faith in the future now seems rather naïve.

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