Ela Nord's jewelry

Here, works from Ela Nord are on display. The choice varies depending on her mood and the current projects she is working on. The pieces can be touched and worn to connect with them.
Jewelry belongs on the body, in the hands. Jewelry makes noise, is light or heavy, you have to feel that as a visitor.

Open Space

ideas welcome

In the middle there is an open space for exhibitions and projects. The connection with jewelry is not mandatory, on the contrary: cross-disciplinary is welcome. Something from a completely different world can be inspiring and create new connections.

A beautiful book, vase, model, necklace, small object, something big, many rings, sound, sketches & plans, a piece made of fabric, Pilates mats, Christmas reading, an extraordinary bag, workshop, edition, a beautiful brooch, also music, hats and of course a race day!

Stay tunded.


the place were it's made

In Viennas second district, in Viertel Zwei, the studio is located directly on the harness racing track. Across the street are the Sculpture studios inside the Pavilions of the World Exhibition of 1873.
The proximity to the green and the silence in the car-free area is a wonderful place to work. When a block comes up, an hour on the roof on the 11th floor helps and the head is clear again.