Mladen Bizumic & Ela Nord

ALBUM (Security Glass Scan Fragment), 2020

The canvas sections provided by Mladen Bizumic are samples of his large-format photo prints, which depict reflections of scanned mirror pieces as a prismatic color gradient. Ela Nord placed the result of this play of light and backlight in a matt silver frame so that the resulting brooches look like abstract paintings.

”ALBUM (Security Glass Scan Fragment)”
Archival Inkjet Print on Canvas, silver 925, 2020
Edition: each pieces is unique, 14 + 6 AP

ALBUM (Ikea Mirror Scan), 2017

ALBUM (Security Glass Scan) was made by scanning broken, light-reflecting pieces of mirror, which Bizumic moved during the scanning process. The resulting structures provide insights into the processes of digital image production, which they visualize, while at the same time exposing the limits of this technology through the obvious fractures and breaks. As in many of his works, the artist succeeds in his ALBUM series in using now-obsolete techniques of image production – in this case not analog photography but a ten-year-old, slightly damaged flatbed scanner – and the specific handling of the material to address the subject of impermanence and the decreasing cultural significance of imaging media. With his works he simultaneously lends the seemingly obsolete medialities a new aesthetic presence.
(Excerpt from an essay by Stephanie Damianitsch)

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