deconstruction leads to construction

Heat has can either be a destructive force that destroys everything or becomes a purifying and cleansing element. The heating of surfaces helps to disinfect, controlled burning in fields in agriculture helps the formation of new nutritious soil, lava flows into the sea and creates new land or islands. As if by magic, heat softens things that are usually hard.

These heat-treated pieces are not organic material whatsoever, but rather industrial hoses commonly used to bundle multiple cables into one. Excessive heat treatment is applied to the hoses, causing them to burn, melt, form bubbles, and then discolour. Then paint and pigments are applied to change the surface to give the impression of wood or charcoal.

Out of this, Ela Nord makes small branches into pieces using single or multiple versions along a thread or chain.
The movement of the different elements causes a clicking sound. As the wearer's hands play with the chain, the sound produces a desirable effect, one that becomes a calming moment for many people.

The series TUBES symbolize possible profound transformations, which can lead to surprising and unexpected results.