A deceptive surface...

Ela Nord has always been attracted to and fascinated by the juxtaposition of this form, which is why the nub (or perhaps known as a small bump), as a structure, has been used in her jewellery since the beginning. To practice a quasi-controlled application, the ring series FLATNUBS was eventually created and various FLATNUBS series have been continuously produced since 2015.

Flatnubs (or surfaces containing collections of small bumps) are ubiquitous in our everyday environment. We rarely notice them, despite how dense their appearance is across their surface structure. Once we become aware of them, however, they almost stubbornly impose themselves on the eye. Even a glance at these small formations can cause a continuous and persistent fixation to creep in.

Such as in a picture puzzle, sometimes when looking at flat knobs for a long time, the view begins to shift and the peculiar surface elevations turn inwards. They occur on floor coverings, on wall coverings, along the highway, under shoes, on sex toys and children's toys, on sports equipment, in packaging material, on clothing, on tools or cosmetic utensils, in the animal kingdom, and even on our skin when we feel a chill.

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