The approach of equating "Apocalypse" with great destruction is firmly anchored in the canon of images. All of them strive to play with anxiety and fear, which are almost inescapably tied to the concept.

In her TUBES series “Apocalypse”, Ela Nord reverses this approach and instead views the apocalypse as a purifying event. The apocalypse is a neutral transformer. The formula could be: apocalypse = ashes & charcoal = metamorphosis.

The used materials are not organic. The manufacturing process creates new textures, models, and surfaces that seek to reproduce natural raw materials, such as wood, paper, leather, coal, branches, or bones.

A step-by-step burning process is used for the wearable form of the necklaces, and the ash is removed in several intermediate steps until finally the material is stabilized and thus brought into a comfortable form.

Creating another material from an ordinary material (even if only apparent) characterizes the series TUBES: by transforming something into a different state, we get results that remind us positively of the profound process of renewal and reformation.

Ela Nord collects leftovers from electricians for her jewelry. Her vision is that in the future we will use materials that are not forcibly snatched from nature, as is happening today. We should act quickly and rethink the use of these resources, because genuine organic sources will certainly become too precious at some point or even disappear in a few years.

Objects that pretend to be organic even though they are not could be a solution.




necklace "Apocalypse02"
necklace "Dinosaur"
necklace "Apocalypse04"