"WEARING RED - ignite the fire" is travelling to Santa Fe New Mexico
The amazing group show "WEARING RED - ignite the fire" curated by Charon Kransen Arts opens at Patina Gallery Santa Fe New Mexico on April 26th, 2024 and will be on view until May 19th, 2024.

When is about RED, it’s like a tarot draw: each card can be read and interpreted in different ways and it depends on the side you pick up your card.

Red is blood and fire. It’s the blood of Christ and the one of the punished Eve. It is connected to life, to rituals of death and rebirth. 
Red is alchemy and religion. It is love and war. Red is decadence, Imperial privilege, and martyrdom. Red is power: the temporal and religious ones. 
Red is non-binary. Red is passion, eroticism, and sin. It’s frivolous, lascivious, scandalous. Red is brilliance and opaqueness. It’s good and evil: shyness and lust.
It’s the color of the Virgin Mary and of Mary Magdalene: holiness and transgression. Red is good fortune and pride; Red is an amulet. Red is hell and anger.
Nichka Marobin, Art Historian and Curator

Charon Kransen Arts
Patina Gallery

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